Streeter Subdivision Lots

Streeter Subdivision Lots

303 Capital Street
Aurora, NE 68818
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Lots in Streeter Subdivision are priced between $30,000-$38,500 based on lot location and size.  Residential lots are for new construction and primarily for single family homes.  A portion of the development is available for duplexes or multi-family residential.    Lots can be sold separately to individuals or as a group to builders/developers.  Aurora Housing Development Corporation has a limited supply of funds available for construction loans at a reduced interest rate.  Adjacent ground is available for subdivision into additional lots.




✓ Water
✓ Sewer
✓ Electric
✓ Natural Gas
✓ High-Speed Internet
✓ In City Limits

Kelsey Bergen


Name: Kelsey Bergen
Phone: 14026944088


Sale Price: $30,000- $38,500