Small town living with the amenities you find in a city.

Aurora is described by visitors and residents as a town with pride and something special.  From the well-kept streets and properties to a long list of services, attractions, and amenities, it is no surprise businesses and individuals choose Aurora as their home.

Aurora is a great place to live because there is access to health care, entertainment, recreation, and a wide range of jobs within the county.  If there is something residents cannot find locally, a trip to larger metro areas is only 30-45 minutes away.

Aurora is a great place to raise a family due to high quality educational opportunities, numerous extracurricular clubs, and athletic organizations for youth to participate in, not to mention a safe community with little to no crime.

Aurora is a great place to work due to short commute times, a variety of well-paying jobs and high-quality childcare for dual working parents.  Wide access to fiber internet also makes Aurora ideal for remote workers and those who alternate between working from home or an office.

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