Small businesses and entrepreneurs are important to Aurora and Hamilton County.  More than 440 small to medium sized businesses operate in and around the city.  A network of local business leaders, investors and a variety of available sites and buildings encourages the private sector to move forward with various new an innovative businesses along with support services needed in to support these ventures.

The historic square in downtown Aurora is vibrant with activity and several new businesses opening each year. This business mix includes, retail, restaurants, bars, fitness, cosmetic, financial, professional services and more.   Buildings in this area of town rarely are for sale and stay on the market a short time, so interested party are encouraged to be proactive to enter this market.

The highway 14 and highway 34 corridors running along the city are full of restaurants, retail and service industries.  A limited number of sites and builds are available for sate in these areas, but they do not stay on the market for long.  The Aurora I-80 interchange features a variety of interstate support services.  Transportation, trucking and motor vehicle sales businesses are represented with several greenfield sites available for development.

If you are looking to start a business or grow a business in our area, please use the links below for additional resources and opportunities.

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