Cost of Living

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Aurora is 85.8 based on a US average of 100, which means it is less expensive to live Aurora compared to the US average.   The costs of living in Nebraska is 89.1, which is still less expensive than the national average, but more expensive than locating in Aurora.   Housing is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference due to the median home price of $150,600 in Aurora.  To learn more about cost of living here. 

Cost of Living Comparison

COST OF LIVING Aurora Nebraska USA
   85.8 89.1 100
   97 94.9 100
   138.4 132.3 100
   65.1 73.1 100
   $150,600 $168,900 $231,200
   88.5 95 100
   66.1 76.1 100
   102.7 98.6 100
100=National Average


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